Thai Tea Chia Seed Pudding

  • 15 m


Savour the unusual and deeply flavorful Thai Tea Chia Seed Pudding.This delightful dessert combines the health advantages of chia seeds with the fragrant attraction of Thai tea to create a special and delightful treat.


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Step 1

Brew 1 cup of Thai tea according to the package instructions. The tea then has to cool down on normal room temperature.

Step 2

The chia seeds, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla simple terms, and burning Thai tea must all be blended in a bowl. To guarantee that the chia seeds are dispersed equally, thoroughly mix.

Step 3

Refrigerate the mixture for a minimum of four hours or overnight, covering the bowl.This allows the chia seeds to absorb the liquid and create a pudding-like consistency.

Step 4

Give the chia pudding a thorough stir after it has set. If desired, layer the pudding with crushed ice in a serving glass for a refreshing touch. Garnish with Thai tea leaves for an extra flair.

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