Quick Mexican Avocado Salsa

  • 10 m


Serve this delicious and creamy Mexican avocado salsa as a dip for tortilla chips or as a side dish for tacos or grilled meats. With just a few ingredients, this easy recipe gives an aroma explosion in only a couple of minutes.


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Step 1

Firstly, you will scoop out the ripe avocado flesh into a basin for mixing. After that, you will mash the avocado with a fork until it has the consistency that you want.

Step 2

Depending on your inclination, you can either leave it rather lumpy or smooth it out. After that, stir the mashed avocado with the sliced tomatoes, red onion, and cilantro. Then make sure to add some zest and refreshment to the mixture by adding the juice of half a lime.

Step 3

Next, you will add a dash of salt and pepper to the salsa to season it. To suit your taste, adjust the seasoning.

Step 4

Then, thoroughly blend in all of the ingredients by gently mixing them all together. You can then use your Mexican avocado salsa as a garnish for grilled tacos.


4.00 (1 reviews)
Tired it at home, and It was delicious, thank you Chef.
Great! I would happy to share more customised recipe content. Let me know if you are interested in this Chuk.

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