Penne pasta with tomato sauce and basil

  • 25 m


Italian penne pasta with tomato sauce and a topping of basil is a perfect meal for any day of the week! whether it’s a dinner to feast on or a quick lunch to keep your energy levels up this delicious meal is sure to do the job!



Step 1

Weigh the penne pasta in a measuring bowl for 150 grams penne pasta.

Step 2

Put water into your pan and boil the water. Once water comes to boil place the penne pasta into the boiled water in your pan. Let the penne pasta boil for the recommended time on the packet of the penne pasta.

Step 3

Once the penne pasta has come to boil, drain the penne pasta off by putting a siv over your sink and placing the penne pasta in the siv draining off the water from the penne pasta.

Step 4

Then once the water is drained off from the penne pasta, pour the penne pasta into a bowl. Then pour the tomato sauce over the penne pasta and mix in well. Lastly, take a handful of the basil and sprinkle over the penne pasta and tomato sauce.

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