Garlic and tomato prawn linguine

  • 30 m


This pasta is cheap and quick to make - the perfect dinner when you want something comforting yet yummy!


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Step 1

1. Take 1 cup frozen prawns and defrost in a bowl of cold water (this should take 15 minutes) 2. Chop up your garlic and tomatoes, then fry these in butter on a low heat 3. Weigh 90g pasta of your choice and cook as per instructions on the packet - making sure to save a splash of pasta water 4. Once defrosted, add your prawns into the pan with the garlic and tomatoes, then turn the heat up to high 5. Tip the pasta into the pan and mix in fresh parsley


5.00 (1 reviews)
7 months ago
This looks super delicious! We Love it 🥘

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