Chocolate Spider Cookies

  • 35 m


Using these haunting chocolate spiders for Halloween, create some delight in the kitchen.


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Step 1

Firstly, you will melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Then once melted, you will turn off the heat and leave the chocolate in the bowl.

Step 2

Then unroll some of the liquorice wheels and cut them into 2-3cm lengths to use as the Chocolate spiders’ legs.

Step 3

Then you will splodge a small tsp of chocolate onto half of the cookies. Then arrange eight liquorice legs on top, then sandwich them with another cookie. Spread more chocolate on top of the second cookie to cover. Then put somewhere cool to set.

Step 4

You will then use the icing pens to add the eyes, first making two big dots of white icing on each, then topped with two smaller dots of black icing.

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