Chinese chicken fried rice

  • 15 m


Delicious Chinese chicken fried rice. Quick to make and healthy. Savor the taste of Chinese Chicken and Fried Rice.


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Step 1

In a small bowl beat the egg and water together. After that, in a large skillet or wok melt the butter over medium-low heat. Now add egg and cook without stirring for 1-2 minutes. Remove egg from skillet, cut into shreds, and set aside.

Step 2

Heat the oil in the same skillet. Add onion and cook for about 3 minutes until it becomes soft. Then stir in rice, chicken, soy sauce, and pepper. Keep cooking and stirring for 5 minutes. Lastly, stir in the shredded egg and serve it hot. Tingle your tastebuds with this easy-to-prepare flavourful meal for dinner!

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