Bucatini with mushrooms & sausage

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Delicious pasta dish with mushrooms and sausage. Simple to make, a healthy and delicious meal to have any day of the week!


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Step 1

Firstly you will tip the dried porcini mushrooms into a large pan with 600ml boiling water. Then you will set over a low heat and let this simmer for 10-15 mins until slightly reduced to make a tasty mushroom stock.

Step 2

Moreover, you will heat the the oil in a large pan over a medium heat. Squeeze the sausage meat from the skins into the pan and fry for around 5-8 mins, breaking it up with a wooden spoon while it is cooking, until it is partially browned to make sure the sausage is cooking nicely.

Step 3

Then in a large pan, bring salted water to boil. Drop in the bucatini and make sure to move the bucatini around with the tongs to prevent it sticking together. You will cook this for 9 mins.

Step 4

Then you willl add the garlic and chilli flakes to the sausagemeat and fry this for around 1 min before pouring in the wine. You will cook this for around 5 mins more until the wine has reduced. You will then make sure to tip in the rehydrated mushrooms and the stock (you should have about 350ml). You can then add a small amount of salt and black pepper. Then bring to a simmer.

Step 5

After roughly 9 mins, you can use the tongs to move the bucatini around directly from its cooking water into the mushroom sauce. The mixture will seem a little watery at first but the trick here is to finish cooking the bucatini by letting it simmer in the broth. It will then be able to soak it up and take on a delicious flavour.

Step 6

You can then keep moving the pasta in the broth by using your tongs for around 3 mins, or at least until most of the water has been absorbed. Then stir in the cream, a grating of nutmeg and the parsley. You will then stir well, taste for seasoning and you can serve topped with a handful of Parmesan.

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