Andean Avocado Toast

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Enhance your morning with this delicious Andean-inspired avocado toast. Rich avocado is a wonderful complement to colourful tomatoes, crisp red onions, and crisp cilantro when served on a large slice of whole-grain bread. This easy and nutritious breakfast meal will transport you to the mouthwatering tastes of the Andes.


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Step 1

Slice the ripe cut the avocado in half, take out the pit, and extract the meat into a bowl. Using a fork, mash the avocado until it has the desired creamy consistency. To taste, add salt and pepper for seasoning.

Step 2

Toast the whole-grain bread pieces according to your taste. You may make this on a griddle or in a toaster.

Step 3

Evenly distribute the avocado mash over the slices of toasted bread. Over the avocado, scatter chopped red onions and diced tomatoes.

Step 4

To add a last touch of flavour, top with a sprinkle of fresh cilantro. You can now savour your Andean Avocado Toast.Serve it hot out of the coffee pot or your favourite morning beverage.

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