Almond Date Barfi

  • 30 m


Almond Date Barfi is a wonderful Indian serve which fuses the rich, nutty richness of almonds with the natural sweetness of dates. The following straightforward serve is the ultimate sweet treat for any kind of gathering due to the needs only a few simple ingredients and will be created quickly.


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Step 1

Heat two tablespoons of ghee in a pan over medium heat. Add the finely crushed almonds and toast, stirring, for five to seven minutes, or until a nutty aroma emerges. Stir frequently to prevent burning. After the almonds are toasted, mix them with cardamom and milk powder. Mix until thoroughly mixed and crumbly. Put aside.

Step 2

In a another skillet, preheat the leftover ghee. Finely chop the dates and cook in the pan over low heat for five to seven minutes. Once the dates are soft and syrupy, stir them frequently.

Step 3

Combine the combinations of dates and almonds. Mix well to achieve a constant dough-like consistency.

Step 4

Pour a little ghee over a dish or tray. Using a spatula or your hands, evenly distribute the combined ingredients over the greased surface. After letting it cool for a few minutes, cut it into little square pieces.

Step 5

After the almond date barfi has completely cooled and hardened, serve it as a delectable dessert or sweet snack.

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